Code of Ethics

  • Compliance with the law, regulations, ethical integrity and fairness, is a constant commitment and duty of all Logimar’s People, and characterises the conduct of Logimar’s  organisation.
  • Logimar’s business and corporate activities have to be carried out in a transparent, honest and fair  way, in good faith, and in full compliance with competition protection rules.
  • Logimar Srl fosters individual freedom in every form, and rejects all kinds of discrimination, violence, corruption (in any form and regarding any public or private party), and forced or child labour.
  • Relationships among Logimar’s People, at all levels, must be characterized by honesty, fairness, cooperation, loyalty and mutual respect.
  • Logimar Srl In conducting its business, is inspired by and complies with the principles of loyalty, fairness, transparency, efficiency and an open market, regardless of the scale of the transaction in question.  Corrupt practices, illegitimate favours, collusion, and requests for personal benefits for oneself or others, either directly or through third parties, are prohibited without any exception.
    It is prohibited to pay or offer, directly or indirectly, gifts, money, material benefits or other advantages of any kind to third parties, whether representatives of governments, public officers, public servants, persons charged with a public service or private employees, in order to influence or remunerate the actions of their office.
  • Acts of commercial courtesy, such as small gifts or forms of hospitality, are only allowed when their value is small and they do not compromise the integrity and reputation of either party and cannot be construed by an impartial observer as aimed at obtaining undue advantages. In any case, these expenses must always be authorised by the CEO or designated Managers as per existing internal rules, and be accompanied by appropriate documentation.
  • Logimar does not make any direct or indirect contributions in whatever form to political parties, movements, committees, political organisations and trade unions, or to their representatives and candidates, except those specifically expected by applicable laws and regulations.
  • All Logimar’s People shall personally contribute to promoting and maintaining a climate of common respect in the workplace; particular attention is paid to respect for the feelings of others.

Marcello Saponaro CEO