Sea freights

LCL (Groupage) and FCL shipping services conducted in collaboration with a network of exclusive agents worldwide to allow transportation from warehouse to warehouse.

LCL (Groupage)

Each service is managed in collaboration with a network of exclusive worldwide agents to enable the transport from warehouse to warehouse. Our full service starts with pick up with our sister company Osio Logistica, than proceeds with customs formalities and issuance of all documents required for the shipment: from Awb, insurance certificate, consular visas and any other required document.

FCL (Complete)

Logimar offers traditional Full container services to and from ports all over the world, taking care to choose the shipping company that best meets customer needs, both in export and in import. Our service start with a clear and sheer quotation in order to close the file with the full satisfaction of our customers. We arrange extra weight and extra dimensions shipments. Our competence is at customer disposal to identify the best transport solution and to obtain permits and escorts.


Track your Ocean Cargo by Container or BL (Bill Of Lading) – Number.

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