Procedures for damage reimbursement

Logimar’s first target is to take a lot of care of your cargo, so it is basic for us to protect your goods from every kind of risk.

Following pls note some suggestions, you should always follow up when you arrange an international shipment:

  • Always arrange an Insurance policy, you can ask Logimar to insure your cargo or ask directly your Insurance company;
  • Do not forget: that cargo should always be insured before the despatch;
  • Do not forget: an All Risks insurance does not cover all dangers and risks!

In case of damage

  • If cargo is delivered to your warehouse, and goods are damaged, you should immediately¬† write all claims on the transport documents. If the damage is not immediately evident, please do it within 3 days sending to the any part involved in the shipment a claiming fax, and than a recorded-delivery letter. In this way they will be responsible of the damage.
  • Alert your Insurance Company, as per your insurance policy instructions.
  • Request every part involved in the transport, to verify the status of goods, through their insurance expert.
  • Transport charges should be paid as per initial agreements, so do not deduct your claim from freight forwarder invoice.

Attention: the insured, the consignee or others on their behalf, are always obliged to protect recovery action of Insurers in respect of those responsible for cargo loss or damage and to interrupt the period of prescription according to the terms of law.

Documents to supply to your insurance company:

  • Original (endorsed) Insurance policy/certificate
  • Original B/L or Awb
  • Loading reports
  • Copy of shipping instructions
  • Copy of transport document on wich you wrote your claims
  • Copy of claiming fax
  • Copy of complaint registered letter sent to carrier’s agent in wich you you hold them responsible
  • Original reply of carrier’s agent
  • Expert’s report
  • Shipper’s commercial invoice and Packing list
  • Any kind of document necessary for close this file